Ben Gilbert


About Myself

Hi there, I'm Benjamin, a San Francisco native and recent UCLA graduate. My primary interest is programming: I began teaching myself Python when I was younger, and I've spent my entire academic career trying to expand my repretoire.

I also studied linguistics, which is handy in the modern realm of AI and natural language processing. But also, learning about linguistic structure and writing systems provided a great balance to the STEM rigor of my CS coursework. I also took enough Mandarin to be conversationally fluent.

I spend most of my spare time cycling, weightlifting, and climbing. Not only does staying active keep me happy and focused, but I believe it's an essential balance for any software job.

What can I do?

Personal Projects

Statistics Chatbot

My university has an active Discord server, and I created a website which collects detailed information about chatroom users: what times they’re active, who they talk most with, etc.
On the backend, all readable messages from the server are processed in batches, and relevant info is saved to a local SQLite3 database.
On the frontend, the data is neatly displayed on a webpage with help from Django's HTML templating and some Javascript.