Ben Gilbert


About Myself

Hi there, I'm Benjamin, a San Francisco native and programming enthusaist/tutor. Feel free to check out a few of my projects - most are for the command-line, but I like building websites too.
I spend most of my free time coding. But when I'm not on the computer, I'm usually cycling or weightlifting.

What can I do?

Programming Languages


Personal Projects

Crossword Generator

This is my most recent pet-project, which randomly generates mini crossword boards. Check it out!

2048 in C

A version of the game 2048 written entirely in C, runnable through the command line and playable with arrow-keys. Uses an interface library for C called ncurses.

Optimized Sudoku Solver

Also written in C, an optimized sudoku solver for the command-line using bitmasking.

Online CLI Chess

A multiplayer chess game in C++, designed to be run on the command-line. Using C's socket library, you can play with a friend on two different computers. The setup is contained in the Github's README.

Statistics Chatbot (WIP)

My university has an active Discord server, and I'm creating a website which collects detailed information about chatroom users: what times they’re active, who they talk most with, etc.
On the backend, all readable messages from the server are processed in batches, and relevant info is saved to a PostgreSQL database.
On the frontend, the data is neatly displayed on a webpage with help from Django's HTML templating and some Javascript.